Monday, August 17, 2009

It Lives!

You know, people, I've been trying to kill this damn blog for about a year now and it just won't stay dead. I stab it with my steely knife, but I just can't kill the beast. I've driven stakes through its black heart, but it just gets up and walks the earth, stirring terror in the hearts of prisspots everywhere.
Well, I give up. The blasted thing won't stay dead, so I might as well get some fun out of it. I seem to have driven away the anonymous combox lynch mob, along with most of my readers. Good. The readers who matter can find their ways back, if they like. As my college roommate always said "fuck them if they can't take a joke." My friends can join in, if they like. New readers can come along for the ride, and enjoy the pretty pictures and curmudgeonly commentary.
I warn you, though. All trolls will be skewered. Let me be blunt. There are only seven people on this glorious earth whose opinions really matter to me. As for the rest of you, some I respect, some I don't, but I really don't give a rat's hindquarters what you think.
Now, sit back, grab a drink, and watch for a few posts this evening, and a rather interesting one tomorrow. Hang on to your hats. I feel a major burst of creativity coming on, and that always means two things; beauty and mayhem.

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Brad Harvey said...

I look forward to the show.