Monday, August 17, 2009

A Blog by a Catholic, BUT NOT a "Catholic Blog"

I am a Roman Catholic, and proud of it. I freely and willingly accept ALMOST all of the Church's teachings. The one exception, though important, is not nearly enough for me to separate myself from the Church Our Lord founded and separate myself from the greatest supra-national civilisation in human history. I believe as a Catholic. I think like a Catholic. That permeates every part of my life and I'm quite content with it.
That said, I have no intention of involving myself in the snake pit called the "Catholic blogosphere." Personally, I find that little alternate magisterium to be a disgusting fraud that reflects badly on God's Church. I have no intention, whatsoever, of falling into lockstep with that pompous, P.O.D., right wing pack of scoundrels on any matter, whether sacred or secular. My readers can leave the state of my immortal soul to myself, my pastor, and my bishop.

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