Friday, December 4, 2009

Head of St. John the Baptist, Amiens Cathedral

Is it really him? Well, it's impossible to be certain, but I've been studying the history behind relics like this long enough to know that excessive skepticism is as much a mistake as excessive credulity.
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Liam said...

Was this taken from Constantinople in 1204?

Btw, excellent point on excessive skepticism.

Bear-i-tone said...

"excessive skepticism is as much a mistake as excessive credulity."

I agree with Liam. A good point well said.

Jeffrey Smith said...

It was brought back after that mess of a Fourth Crusade, in 1204. There's a good blog post about it at an orthodox blog, Full of Grace and Truth.
When people use the fact that other places claim to have the head, they ignore the fact that this is just the upper face. The other places have other parts which could well be from the same head.

Terry Nelson said...

I think there is another one of his heads in Rome - I prayed before it once.